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Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Muscular Birthday

My very own WWF cupcake toppers

From the Top Ten Wrestlers:
Happy Birthday Dominic!!

Sweet 18

Happy Sweet 18 Catherine!!

I wish I had these when I was 18 :)

Licence to drink

The sweetest age
has to go with the sweetest color

For BFFs.
Good things are meant to be shared.

Stay sweet and young always

Sunday, January 18, 2009

CNY goooooodies


Chocolate chip cookies

Kueh Bangkit

Peanut cookies

Almond Sugee cookies

Almonds + Oats + White choc + Raisins cookies


Annual Pineapple Tarts Day!

The essentials:

Buttery Pastry +

Golden Home cooked Pineapple


(5/5 stars)

Princess Cuppies

My task:
Cuppies fit for a princess...
Designed to match the main birthday cake.

(Princess after she removed her makeup :P)

Princess K's birthday!!